Back-to-School Savings in Houston

School is back around the corner once again. Young kids are scrambling around to savor the final days of summer before classes start up again, collegebound young adults are settling into their dorms for perhaps the first or final time, and parents are both in dread and in relief that they’ll have peace during the day once again. No matter your current mood on school, it’s important to make sure you are prepared, and Alexan Southside Place puts you close to the best shopping centers in Houston to take advantage of it.

The Galleria in Houston, one of the largest malls in the United States, is host to dozens of back-to-school sales and other great events this month. It’s located only four miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive and park there in just...

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Work and Rest Combined in Our Houston Apartment Community

Your life should offer enough challenge to make it interesting – whether you’re climbing the tall peaks of the mountains or the ladder of your business career, while also giving you more than enough chances...

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Houston Texas Apartments

Houston Texas Apartments Organized and Opulent

Organization is perhaps one of the best skills you could ever learn for adulthood. It helps you with a wide plethora of jobs, from basic entry-level positions to the top of the corporate tier, and it helps keep your...

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Houston One Bedroom Apartments

A2: Houston One Bedroom Apartments for Peace of Mind

Sometimes there’s joy to be found in simplicity: a project in the office that turns out to be far easier than you originally projected, a mug of black coffee to wake you up in the mornings, or even a small gesture...

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Wild Wonders in Houston

The Earth is home to millions of different creatures and plants, from the tree growing in your backyard to the spider hiding behind the bookshelf, and yes, even yourself. Nearly every living thing on this planet thrives in a balanced ecosystem, and we are all connected in one way or another. Our luxury apartments at Alexan Southside Place make it easy to celebrate the best of nature right from...

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