Holiday Adventures with Animals in Houston

Let’s face it: as much as many folks love the holidays, there are times where we can feel overwhelmed, whether it’s from the thick crowds of people rushing to get gifts for all their loved ones, or from being surrounded by family members who you may not agree with. Thankfully, here at Alexan Southside Place, we offer many opportunities for you to bring life back to the season thanks to our great location in Houston.

From November 23rd to January 12th, the Houston Zoo will host its annual Zoo Lights event, sponsored by TXU Energy; it is a beautiful spectacle of lights and activities that families of all ages can enjoy. Arrive during the day and enjoy all the year-round splendors of the Zoo, including the Nature Play Area, the McNair Elephant Habitat, and the Wortham World of...

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A Houston Apartment Community with Health in Mind

Health is more than just an ideal fantasy, a skinny model on a poster or a buff bodybuilder breaking the world record on live TV; it’s a simple habit that, when developed, can help your body and mind feel better...

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Houston Apartments

Superior Stress Relief in Our Houston Apartments

Despite all our preparations and good deeds, we all have our bad days: those ones where nothing seems to be going right, where all your laid out plans collapse at the tiniest hiccup, or when you just don’t want to...

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one bedroom

A2: Serene One Bedroom Houston Apartments

A little peace and quiet can go a long way for mental health. Even something as simple as a quick coffee break in the office or a short nap on the soft couch in your home can rejuvenate your spirit. Here at Alexan...

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Bellissima Italian Meals in Houston

Let’s face it: Italians know how to make any meal of special occasion. In fact, they have a full hour or two every afternoon in which everyone stops working, allows themselves to go home, and to have a full luncheon with their families. While we may not have quite the same practice here in the States, we have several amazing Italian restaurants near our luxury apartments in Alexan Southside...

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