Houston two-bedroom apartments

B2: Fine Houston Two-Bedroom Apartments with Flex

There are seven billion people currently inhabiting with planet, each with their own unique tastes, goals, and traits. That being said, it would be a sin if any apartment forced you to confine to their rules; it’s why our luxury apartment floor plans, including our Houston two-bedroom apartments, at Alexan Southside Place come in many sizes and designs, allowing you to find the perfect fit to call your home in Houston.

One of our two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plans, the B2, brings not only comfort and convenience within its 1,374 square feet, but a den room. That means you have extra space for your home office, private theater, guests and roommates, or whatever you’d like to fit in your comfort zone. The bedrooms stand on opposite ends of the apartment, giving you and...

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Savory Seafood to Share in Houston

Seafood and fish are the unsung heroes of proteins. They have almost half the fat content of chicken and red meats, contain a bunch of healthy nutrients great for bringing a good state of being, and best of all they have the most variety in flavor and cooking technique. While the Gulf of Mexico may be several miles away from our luxury apartments, Alexan Southside Place ensures you have...

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Houston Apartment Community

A Houston Apartment Community that Encourages Health

Healthiness should always be a right, not a privilege. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune just to stop at the gym every day for your workouts; nor should you feel uncomfortable during your exercise save for the...

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Cooking Made Easy in Our Houston Apartments

The importance of home cooking skills should never go underappreciated. Taking the time to learn a few recipes can save diners hundreds of dollars and create healthier entrees compared to going to a restaurant or...

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A2: One-Bedroom Houston Apartments Full of Ease

When faced with a hectic schedule, one has to manage their time wisely. Every minute spent searching your house for your keys or your wallet when you misplaced them or stuck in rush hour traffic feels like a minute...

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