Succulent Souffle in Houston

A souffle is perhaps the most distinctive French cuisine – other than escargot, due to its unique, fluffy texture and its wide variety of flavors ranging from savory and hearty to sweet and fruity. While souffles may be hard to come by since they’re difficult to perfect, we have the perfect place for you to enjoy them from our luxury apartments at Alexan Southside Place, so you’re never lacking in French cuisine quality.

Rise is a small Texas restaurant chain featuring the best in French ingredients and preparation you’ll find west of the Atlantic. Their location in downtown Houston, affectionately named Rise no. 2, is the fifth highest restaurant on TripAdvisor’s list, and it’s no more than five miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can drive...

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apartment community

Divine Leisure at Our Houston Apartment Community

True, a hardy work ethic and strong ambitions are admirable traits to have, but every so often it’s healthy to stop and enjoy yourself, whether you spend a few minutes immersed in your small hobbies in between...

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Houston luxury apartments

Houston Luxury Apartments Built for Any Occasion

Some days, you just want to lay back and enjoy a moment of rest after a long week; on others, you desire to invite some friends over for a casual chat or a full game night; and sometimes holidays encourage you to...

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Houston Apartment

B2: Two-Bedroom Houston Apartment Full of Flexibility

When it comes to anything, there is a constant belief: the more freedom you have, the happier you will be. It helps to have your options as to what tasks you want to tackle at work, so that everyone can pick their...

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Holiday Adventures with Animals in Houston

Let’s face it: as much as many folks love the holidays, there are times where we can feel overwhelmed, whether it’s from the thick crowds of people rushing to get gifts for all their loved ones, or from being...

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