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True luxury is timeless, effortless and indulgent. Launch your new life at the Alexan Southside Place luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas. Wrap yourself in apartment features that nourish personal comfort. Find layouts and floor plans that embrace your lifestyle. Boldly host your next party – you have the space everyone loves. Don’t be surprised if you become the new go-to hot spot. Take back your long weekends without having to leave your luxury apartment community. Relish luxury community amenities worth sharing with your closest friends. When plans do take you on the town, you can find hours of fun at every turn. Crave unique foods? They’re near. Unique entertainment? You’ll find it. Social spots to relax and enjoy your friends and make a few new ones? Right around the corner. Get more from moving than just a new address. That new “you” you’ve been planning, starts with your luxurious new “where”.

Have a reason to yell “Delicious!” every day. Host your friends and neighbors in the private dining room. Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and deliver a meal worth the yelling. Or, put on a subtle Alton Brown and serve up a night of Good Eats. Either way, everyone wins. Too much feasting? Hit the state of the art fitness center and burn your way through that second helping of buttery mashed potatoes. When you’re working hard life should be easy. Nothing gets easier than MW Cleaners Valet Dry Cleaning. Hate laundry day? Skip it altogether. Spend the time you save handing off your laundry on something worthwhile – like scrolling through your watchlist. Easy to do since Wi-Fi is in all the amenity areas. Or you can spend time ordering online. Your package concierge will save you stalking your package online, butut it’s to take a peek.

Upgrade your life by upgrading your address. Enjoy your new home in Houston, by making your move to the Alexan Southside Place luxury apartment homes in Houston Texas.

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