Pilates for Peace of Body and Mind in Houston


Yoga and Pilates are a growing trend for a reason: they are one of the most flexible methods of workouts – with several sessions and exercises available for all fitness and skill levels – and all you really need to practice is a good pair of sweats, a mat, and enough room to stretch your limbs. Whether you like to practice at home, at the local gym, or in a specialized yoga studio, our luxury apartments at Alexan Southside Place have endless options to boost your health and well-being.

Pure Body Studio is a local gym that focuses on yoga and Pilates to encourage healthy habits, and it’s perfect for any fitness goal, including weight loss, muscle gain, endurance building, or finding an effective method to remove stress. It’s located less than half a mile from our luxury apartments, so on a fair day you can simply walk to your next class in under ten minutes. They currently have three different memberships that you can sign up for, each of them tailored to whatever needs you have; their cheapest, for example, is great for those who are warming up to yoga or to working out in a studio environment, while the unlimited membership allows Pilates enthusiasts to sign up for any class they want as frequently as they want. They even have virtual classes for those who want to practice from home, as well as individual courses for one-on-one training.

Pose into a new form of pilates fitness here at Alexan Southside Place. Make a visit to Pure Body Studio in Houston alongside our luxury apartments this weekend.

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