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"Great complex. Quiet, clean, great amenities and location. Elevator always out. Otherwise greast complex. Would recommend. Probably my favorite complex"
"Alexan is very appealing to the eye. Building, apartment and amenities are beautiful. But after living here a couple months you notice all the cracks. Management is very slow to assist in issues. For example, we had a pair of shoes stolen right outside our front door. Asked them to look at cameras and they said they’d get back to me. Been 3 months and no one has reached out to me. Walls are VERY thin. Goodluck if you have tenants living above you. Hallways always smell, dog areas are so muddy, security cameras are in the worse areas.."
"Great location and apartment! Thin walls so can hear the person living above me flush the toilet and walking around. Management has changed, and so in the middle of a transition. Otherwise, enjoy living here but definitely room for improvement!"
"It’s been a great experience. Clean and the staff is responsive. The maintenance has always helped in a timely manner. I would love here for years."
"Very nice, quiet community but definitely has a lot to work on. Definitely a nice location and rent seems reasonable. However pet fees are ridiculous considering there are only trash bags for dog amenities."
"We liked the pool and the community areas. Also liked the coffee machine for my morning coffee. The privacy is so so as we hear our neighbors all the time, but overall it is fine"
"We enjoy living here! Maintenance is prompt and helpful. The community amenities are very nice. My only complaint is the thinness of the walls and floors/ceilings. It’s VERY easy to hear neighbors."
"Haven’t lived in a place with this type of service in years! Staff very friendly and helpful! I was very impressed with their communication and action when we had a few car break ins! This is the quickest and most effective response I’ve seen in apartment complexes!"
"From the first day I moved in, both the front office management and grounds staff have been absolutely phenomenal! They’re all so attentive, and really ensure that we’re safe and have all needs met!"
"Beautiful, quiet and safe community. The staff is polite and very helpful. I am extremely satisfied with my choice to live at the Alexan Southside."
"The Alexan South Side is a beautiful complex with so many Class A Amenities. The location can’t be beat as it is within walking distance to many restaurants plus the Whole Foods is literally located across the street. The maintenance crew and staff are so attentive to the property and to the residents. I would highly recommend this apartment lifestyle to my friends."
"I moved into the Alexan in Mid August 2019 and the experience was super smooth. Irasema at the front desk helped with the lease and documentation as well as giving me a great tour of the property."
"Great experience so far! I especially like the security aspect of the cameras in the parking garage and the Southside Police that patrol said the lot."
"Very nice facilities and amenities. There seems to be a lot of turnover of office staff, so it can be difficult to get answers and concerns addressed"
"There needs to be more explanations regarding how the complex works I got very little information on the complex and when I asked questions no one knew the answers"
"Friendly and clean neighborhood that's close to central Houston, yet tucked away where you're not experiencing that Houston traffic. The community feels and is extremely safe as well."
"The amenities are great, the floor plant of the apt is great, maintenance, staff, external upkeep, all great!! The only major complaint I have is in regards to the roaches! When we looked at the apt there were 2 or 3 dead ones and they told us it was just because the apt had been closed for a while. Since we have moved in the roaches have been a problem! Pest control has come more than 4 times in 10 months. We are very very annoyed by the situation."
"Moving in was terrible because the loading dock door was broken and the low ceilings prevented me pulling the truck up to the elevator. Apartment complex also didn’t have a moving dolly I could borrow. It did not feel welcoming at all. But since moving in things have gone well. Great amenities and fast responses for maintenance requests."
"Just moved in this week. Facility is nice, parking is amble. So far so good- we shall see about the security issue. There are some online reviews which are not so favorable about recent break ins. Makes me worried a bit. But we shall see."
"Apartments have a good location, overall quiet. The staff gets to you’re concerns quickly if you have any. Apartments are very nice, updated, and have great amenities."
"Great location! I’ve been a tenant here for over a year now and I’m so happy to call this place home. It’s very close to the medical center and not too far from the Galleria 🥰"
"I love this place. The place is new and clean, and most of all, Alexan has a good online system to claim any concern about my unit and community."
"Been here about a month and I’m enjoying the amenities and cleanliness of the community. The maintenance personnel are top notch and very prompt with any issue."
"As a start: I am so pleased. Moved here 2 days ago. Community is clean, and no noise around. Everyone from the residents is respectful to others."
"It is ok so far. The walls are really thin but at least the apartment is pretty. This is my first apartment so my expectations are super low."
"I love living at Alexan! Very safe, beautiful apartment layout and condition, very courteous and attentive management and beautiful community amenities."
"Excellent service all around! Quick response to questions and service requestz Love how clean they keep all amenities and spaces. Would improve printer availability."
"My family and I recently moved in several weeks ago and truly enjoy the amentities apartment offers. Once item like to request is having a designated area where tenants can wash their vehicles."
"Been here 2 months with my family. 1 Fire alarm. 2 break ins to the common areas. Stolen items that we pay to have as accommodations still have not been replaced. 20+ vehicles broken into. Common area printer hasn't worked for months per residents that have been here. Owners do not seem to care about their tenants. They say that they have hired security, I've never seen them. They've parked a cop car in the back in hopes to prevent future thefts. The hallways stink horribly. There are worms through out the hallways. Management is very good at making us aware when rent is due and that there are penalties for not paying on time. I am very disappointed."
"Overall very good. The hallway carpets need to be cleaned more often and better and the gate opening app doesn’t always work. But very nice apartment and amenities. I would recommend it."
"Need to be more proactive on maintenance and respect for rules. Managers should be more visible and responsive. Facilities are good, keep them clean and functional. Monitor areas less visible such as gym, mailbox, parking lot, etc."
"Great amenities. Friendly staff and neighbours. Awesome location. Energy efficient and stunning finishes. Looking forward to settling into my new community."
"Loved our unit but... *not very happy with inconsistencies in information while touring. This has made it a bit difficult to adjust to, now that we are living here and have to abide by rules we were not told about. We were blind sided and forced to agree to new terms at the time of lease signing. *Not happy with short staff. Phones are never answered and management is bombarded with work. Which makes it very hard to communicate with them. *Not happy with recent crime throughout the building and owners not making changes. Security is -2 stars. *ButterflyMx machines seem to just be for show as they do not function properly. Elevators still allow access without use of keys/ ButterflyMx codes. *Too high of a pet fee, considering there are no amenities for the pets. (Not even a designated dog park/ area.) Just trash bags."
"Great people who work there! Noise from construction has been a nightmare and a headache since we moved in. I don’t feel like we were informed about the type of and duration of construction to be had outside our apartment. Then again, maybe they truly didn’t know."
"I contacted the complex April 14th about parking and guests taking spots on my floor. I was told a parking sticker would be implemented. It is over a month later and nothing has been done. I was assured when I moved in over a year ago that I would be able to park on my floor, and feel safe walking into the complex. I have now had to park on the rooftop over 10 times. They have all of our vehicle information from when we moved in. The management here has not done their part to make sure we are safe."
"Up until move in, all of the employees were extremely helpful and sweet. They were thorough with instructions when needed. They were also very straightforward with what was needed to move in."
"Love the finish of the apartment, but the noise level is bad from both upstairs and outside courtyard. Especially when the upstairs kids are running."
"We love ALEXAN SOUTHSIDE! The property is beautiful and always well maintained. The maintenance staff are always prompt and the office staff are friendly and helpful. The complex is conveniently located and feels like a resort. Love it here!"
"We have really loved living here! Amenities, apartments, and staff are all wonderful. I do wish they would have considered building the walls/floors between apartments thicker. It is very easy to hear your neighbors on all sides even if they aren’t being loud."
"We are enjoying our community. They families are nice and most are respectable. The complex have many options to entertain our family and friends."
"Great location and amenities! The staff have always been helpful and easy to contact. five stars would be given if it wasn’t for the main gate having issues with staying closed appropriately. a sense of security is high on my list"
"So far living at Alexan has been a great experience, only been here a short while for ready to see how the rest of our lease is going to play out!"
"Great place to live. Very quiet and close to everything! Beautiful finishes in the Units and a great amenities. The staff is always friendly and very responsive whenever there is a concern."
"I say this over and over again to people ask me, I wish I would’ve moved here sooner. We came from a 2700 square-foot house and downsized to just about 1300 ft.². We don’t miss the extra space from the house, and we love the luxury of living in a classy apartment property. The on-site staff and team are great. The location and walkability factor are a huge bonus for us as well."
"Great place! Friendly staff. Great amenities. Love the location. Overall, have enjoyed living at Alexan. Walls are a bit thin and initially some issues with hot water, but overall happy."
"Excellent value, location, and amenities. New apartments with nice finishes and very reasonable prices for the surrounding area. They sound transfer between units is reasonable and most people are fairly quiet."
"its been amazing thus far I really enjoy coming home after a long day of work I especially love living on the first floor just next to the amenity space"
"The Alexan Southside has been a wonderful experience. I’ve lived her for about 6 months now and it’s been everything they promised to me. It’s clean, safe, quick responses. I would love to see more guests for pool, but that’s about it"
"The apartment and the amenities are phenomenal! I moved in less than a week ago, and the staff have all been such a joy to engage with. I'm looking forward to learning the community!"
"So far, so good!!! I am loving our new apartment and the community amenities. Everyone seems to be friendly and the apartment itself is great!! My only wish is that the parking situation was different."
"Great place to live but management not very flexible. My apartment is right next to the contruction and there were terrible noises. I went to talked to management but they don't seem to care. Otherwise, very clean and friendly neighbors."
"We have been at the Alexan for six months now. I love the size of the apartment, the amenities, I think the up keep is awesome...The only reason that made me give 3.5 stars is that we had an cockroach issue as soon as we moved in. In the first 3 weeks we killed 6 roaches! The apartment was sprayed and it was perfect until this week, when I found (dead) a huge roach in the guest bathroom and one by the front door!!"
"Started to stay in Alexan Southside from April 13. Amenity here is wonderful, especially lobby and swing pool. One comment so far is that I felt some smell on the corridor (outside of room)."
"Alexan Southside is very nice and comfortable place to call home with good technology. The staff is professional, Rebecca in particular is top notch, she has gone above and beyond to ensure we are happy in our new home. Spencer and Paighton helpfulness is much appreciated as well. The maintenance staff do an excellent job keeping the place as clean as possible, the rest is all up to us the residents to do our part in maintaining the complex clean."
"Nice place, reasonably well managed. Could do a better job with enforcing outside noise curfew in the common areas. Apartments could use proper window shades vs current light filtering shades. Also, apartment ceiling puck lights are way too dim."
"I love living here, everyone is so kind, complex is very well kept smells good. Maintenance is prompt to my service request and the cookies downstairs are amazing keep bringing them"
"Alexan Southside is a well ran and beautiful community. The apartment community is quite. Nice outdoor amenities along with a Green Egg. I'm here for the long run."
"The staff is very friendly and completing my move in tasks was easy and completely worry free. The entire community is clean, secure and pretty quiet. Loving everything so far."
"Julio was wonderful helping me get a new key when mine broke in my door. Rebecca also helped me out finding Julio. Spencer was also very nice setting us all up at the Alexan."
"Alexan Southside Place has absolutely beautiful apartments and awesome amenities. The environment is very welcoming and the neighborhood couldn't be better. Some of the finishes seem lower end and the front desk staff is always busy so it's hard to get their undivided attention. Overall, a really great place to live. No place is perfect and I really do love living here."
"Beautiful, clean, and modern facilities! We love our apartment and the staff is always friendly and helpful. We don’t have any complaints about this property l!"
"Give me my points please I need to type one hundred forty characters at a minimum and I am only at ninety one please and thank you I like my points"
"Very pretty property. Safe, secure and very appealing. Very nice amenities. We have only lived here a short time but the few encounters we have had with other residents has been very pleasant."
"I’ve been living here for almost 6 months and it’s been a very positive experience! Maintenance is handled in a timely manner and Rebecca has been excellent from the beginning! She was one of the reasons why we chose this place and we do not regret at all!"
"So far my living experience has been great here. The community is really nice and it’s very close to the medical center and the galleria area."
"This is a great place to live. Location and amenities are amazing. It’s quite private and extremely secure. Onsite staff are very helpful, supportive and available. One of the best is the location which provides access to shopping, food, services, exercise and support of my personal needs. Thank you for being such a great place to live."
"Alexan is a great community. Housing is beautiful and the amenities are one of a kind. The staff is helpful and very welcoming.Happy to choose this place as a living quarter!"
"I really love the people who work here. So genuinely nice and helpful. I wish the people in the complex would pick up after their dogs more often. It’s also unfortunate there is so much construction next to the apartment. In general this place offers a nice place to go home to."
"Rebecca has done an amazing job guiding us through the apartment selection and leasing process - she went above and beyond at every step to make our family feel incredibly welcome, and also to make communication/correspondence as easy and flexible as possible for us. She is an asset to your team! THANK YOU!!"
"I love Alexan Southside Place. It is in a great location, has great amenities and makes my commute to work super short. My neighbors are all so nice and I loveeee the amenities. Especially the gym!"
"The apartment conplex is clean and quiet when it needs to be. Great amenities, love the location. Staff overall is helpful and pretty quick to respond to things."
"I liked everything about the building. Except that one resident on my floor kept on letting his dog poo in the hall way without cleaning up... it’s been twice in two weeks now that I find dog poo in the hallway. I do not know who it is."
"We are pleased to live at The Alexan Southside Place. One of the great features to this community is the location. We didn’t realize how close we actually were to many of the best shopping places around town. We are literally within a two-mile walk tot the Rice Village and within close proximity to tons of restaurants. I highly recommend this apartment community."
"Amenities are always clean and smells good. Only thing is Ceilings are too thin and we can hear our neighbors upstairs all the time walking or vacuuming."
"lovely campus! and even better management and team! they have lots of events and holiday fun! favorite amenity is the firepit and cabanas! check it out"
"LOVE this place. So convenient to everything. The complex & property is well maintained and always clean. The staff is welcoming and helpful."
"Amenities are awesome and always clean. Staff is very nice and maintenance is super fast. Love the apartments and love the proximity to the galleria or rice village."
"Just made a month living at Alexan South Side Place and so far it has been a great experience! The community is very clean and quiet exactly what we were looking for!"
"Really nice community. Spencer was great in helping us select the best apartment for our needs, and importantly meet our pet care needs. Looking forward to the resort style pool and grilling opportunities"
"We very recently moved into the Alexan at Southside Place. So far it has been a fabulous experience. The leasing staff was helpful during our move in and the apartment is beautiful!! The apartment (and complex) is very well thought out and you can tell they thought of just about everything! As is common in apartment living, you can hear you neighbors quite well (like can hear their conversations). I do wish a little more thought had gone into making the division between apartments a little thicker."
"Wonderful place to live, it feels like living in a resort. Great neighborhood, safe and quiet. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Alexan southside place"
"Outstanding community with an upscale modern yet still very warm feel. Technology used adds an extra layer of day to day convenience as well as safety."
"Loving living at the alexan! On weekends it can get a little noisy, but nothing that truly bothers us. The ammenities are great as well! Brand new!!"
"Good location. And very clean apartments. Love the glass shower and brand new appliances. Staff has been friendly and maintenance has been quick to respond so far. Only complaint is very small closet in the 1 bedroom."
"I love that the community of Alexan provide rewards to make us as residents feel appreciated. This is the only only residence that we’ve lived that provides rewards like this."
"So far my experience has been Amazing. My Fiancé and I fell in love with this place the moment we walked in. The staff is amazing. The Amenities are amazing and we have met some friendly residents already. Life is looking up living here"
"Clean, secure, with great amenities. Well equipped gym, ample parking, beautiful pool and courtyard space to enjoy. Relatively quiet. Really enjoy living here."
"I have lived here 2 weeks and I LOVE it! Everyone has been really nice and helpful from residents to the staff that runs the place. I love the fire pit and can’t wait to swim in the pool."
"Alexan Southside has been Peaceful in 2018! Clean and fresh when you walk in the building, with a pleasant staff. The tranquil sound of water keeps me resting well. Alexan the place to live!"
"The apartments are so nice and clean. I haven’t really had any issues at all. Staff is very professional as well. Overall, the apartment is one of the best I’ve ever had."
"Great place to live. Love the security features. They constantly change the rules to fit a complaining tenant, which could be a little frustrating. But my home is cozy and peaceful!"
"Some minor issues but generally has been pleasant living here. Very close to work. Need to work on starting a shuttle to the medical center and improving the security. Overall Great experience!"
"The complex is so beautiful, clean, and safe! I’ve loved living here so far! The staff is always very friendly as well. Wish there were more community events though"
"Outstanding apartment. Great amenities and location. Parking is well designed. Can be noisy at times but overall a great place to live. Common areas are well maintained and loaded with features."
"great amenities, clean, safe. it's a very nice community and apartment. the gym in particular is awesome and design is nice. my friend moved here too and loves it"
"I felt at home the minute I walked in to my apartment. The stuff you are very friendly and welcoming. They made a process of moving and enjoyable. Accommodations here are impeccable. I look forward to enjoying the pool is all the amenities around. The workout gym has everything you need. I can’t say enough great things about this place. I know I’m going to love living here."
"Great place to live! Excellent location, not overly loud, great amenities, decent price point, friendly staff.. I really don't have any major compliants."
"so far so great except noise problem. I can hear everything from my next door. That's the only problem.... It might be great if we have stapler next to printer at the business center."
"I am absolutely loving living at Alexan Southside. It is generally very quiet (I live on the 4th floor) and my neighbors are all polite. I LOVE the aminities and the cleaning staff is seen DAILY keeping the grounds of the complex looking great. Overall I’d highly recommend this complex"
"Wonderful place to live! The apartment is very nice and modern and the amenities are great! I really enjoy the courtyard area when the weather is nice."
"For the month that I've lived here, everything has been really great. Maintenance is quick and everyone has been super friendly and nice at the front desk as well."
"I moved into this complex a few weeks ago, and it's been a wonderful experience. My move-in process was smooth, my apartment was ready for move in, and I'm really enjoying the neighborhood and the apartment amenities. I made a great choice by moving to this complex!"
"The best decision we’ve taken so far was moving in! Great place, calm surrounding. Everything around is useful, amenities are very helpful!."
"So far all has been good. It’s a very quiet and friendly community, many things to walk to. Amenities are always clean and available. The walls do seem a little thin"
"Good experience moving in - easy and convenient. Paperwork was easy to do online as well. The complex is well maintained and looks great. Staff is friendly and helpful."
"I love my apartment and I love the complex. Everything is really nice and pretty. I love the location. Everything I need is less than five minutes away from me!"
"I moved in in August and so far my experience has been nothing but excellent. The complex is almost at capacity yet I rarely hear any noise from neighbors or other residents. All the staff in the office are friendly and go out of their way to meet your needs. The apartment is always spotless...I see the cleaning crew EVERY morning and they do a phenomenal job. I highly recommend Alexan Southside."
"It’s the perfect spot in the city, away from the noisy downtown and nearby beautiful parks, comercial malls, good restaurants, etc. However, not everything is like that. Thin walls between one apartment and another, windows without soundproofing and blinds not dark enough, doesn’t let you sleep well. Nevertheless, beautiful finishes, amenities and spaces give residents amazing experiences at the community of"
"Great community! Very clean, great gym and open areas. The staff is very responsive. The location to local business and retail is perfect. You can walk to Whole Foods"
"Great community, amazing common areas and staff very helpful. The apartments are very spacious and with nice finishes. Location is great also!"
"Amenities are great, maintenance requests were answered quickly (same or next day). Water pressure is a little low, but other than that I love it."
"So far so great. We moved from a 2,700 SF house to a 2.5 bedroom apartment at Alexan Southside Place. The amenities are A+ and the residents all seem to love it here. We already feel at home."
"Beautiful community! Leasing staff, always friendly and love the coffee station Up front! Always clean and well maintained pool, lounge areas"
"I love it here at Alexan Southside Place! Great location. Quality of the apartment is a lot better than others around. Management team is amazing!"
"A very nice place to live: apartment with many facilities, beautiful common room to rest. Beautiful swimming pool and a nice and effective staff"
"Perfect 24 hour amenities and great finishes! Since day one my apartment has felt like home! I love how polite and welcoming the leasing and maintenance staff are!"
"The apartments are very nice and new on the inside. The management was very friendly when we came to tour the property. And the community has Great amenities"
"Very pleasent. Resort style living. Leasing office staff is attentive. Quiet and safe. Love the pool and amminties. Curtains are not dark enough which blinds would be more dark"
"Its a great place to live. Lots of amenities, clean spaces, friendly neighbors, and a nice management staff (that always seems to make an effort to resolve any issue). I highly recommend that you check out Alexan Southside Place."
"Love the apartment and amenities. The walls and floors are thin. Can hear the neighbors TV and walking around in their apartment as I'm sure the people living below me must be too."
"Beautiful brand new property in Bellaire. Great and secured place. The apartments and amenities are amazing, a lot of space. Good and friendly team members."
"Great complex, very clean and relatively quiet! Only issue currently is the parking gate system, which they have been very good about updating us on."
"Very nice newly built community in a great part of Houston. Close to the medical center, galleria, and a number of other great places. Love it so far!"
"Amenities, cleanliness and staff are all 5 stars! Noise is never an issue, landscape is excellent. I enjoy everything about the environment at Alexan."
"Alexan at Southside Place is a beautiful community. It is clean, new, and the amenities are amazing. The cabanas in the courtyard are great."
"I relocated from Mississippi in April. I secured my place before even visiting. Can I tell you more than a home to me it's a getaway!! Amazing amenities!"
"I am only a month into my lease, but so far everything has been great. Staff sometimes takes a while to answer or forgets to follow-up, but other than that I am happy so far!"
"So far I am extremely impressed with Alexan Southside. It’s clean, quiet and such a beautiful place! When we moved in we had a few things that needed to be fixed. We put in a few maintance requests, and everything was done and fixed within a matter of 2 days. We love living here!!"
"Amenities and maintenance (Dario) are great! But walls are thinner than expected... I was told I would not be able to hear my upstairs neighbor, but I hear every step :(. I was misled on choosing my unit."
"So far so good! Moved here recently. It's a beautiful complex. Fairly quiet. I hope to stay for a while. I really don't have a lot to say here."
"Very clean and nice apartment complex, consisting of very nice and personable employees. In a great part of Houston. I have definitely enjoyed my time here so far."
"Just signed the lease and we are so excited! Jeane has been so helpful and accommodating during this process. We love the amenities and location. Excited to live here!"
"I love it here! Other than the gate constantly not working. I feel relaxed and safe when I come home every day.. the amenities are great!!!!"
"great perks very rewarding i love the rewards fantastic rewards can't complain about the rewards would love to learn more about these amazing rewards"
"I’m overall very happy with my apartment community. I love the location and the fact that it’s very close to the Medical Center and shopping centers. I would highly recommend this property to those in search of a new apartment home."
"An amazing apartment community situated minutes from Med center and downtown in the neighborhood of Southside Place. Eating and shopping within walking distance"
"I really enjoy living here so far. Almost one month in and everything has been great. Only downside is since the property is so new you run into a few glitches. The doors are not really secure so really anyone can get in. Well I’m tbe 3rd floor by the garage at least. We pay for the security and I was hoping they would fix this issue but they have yet to do so. Plus the second set of doors has another hinge broke on the opposite side which is quite annoying. Besides that it’s really been great over all."
"Nice, modern, and clean apartment with good amenities. Wonderful pool and roomy exercise room that has most of the equipment that you would want."
"A very nice place to live: apartment with many facilities, beautiful common room to rest. Beautiful swimming pool and a nice and effective staff"
"We have been here for just over a month. The building has great amenities. However, the floors are paper thin and you can hear everything that happens, even normal footsteps. If you are able to get a fourth floor unit, I would advise that. Otherwise, it is not a place you can relax or have peace or quiet. Management here has been trying to work with us with other minor issues and hopefully this situation can be resolved as well."
"Very help full staff, peaceful residents, and modern finishes in the apartments. I would recommend this apartment complex, especially if you enjoy recently built/modern apartment designs."
"The apartments are amazing, I love their kitchens. Great amenities! I appreciate the many areas they offer for personal use. I can't wait for the summer to enjoy the pool!"
"Staffs are always very kind and helpful. Amenities are also good. I'm comfortable to live in this apartment and happy to move here. If all construction are finished, it must become much better."
"Beautiful and very nice people! It has been a seemless experience getting moved in. Everyone is very professional and everything is well maintained."
"Great amenities. Beautiful pools, cabanas and zen courtyard!! Apartments are modern and up to date. Love living here. Most importantly it's very safe and secure!"
"I have been pleased with the process of becoming a resident. The team of consultants made the choice of floor plans and location much easier with their advice and knowledge of the property. Theapplication process"
"The best place to live: smart apartment with many facilities, beautiful common room to rest with a swimming pool and an nice and effective staff."
"Alexan Southside has been great so far. Whitney and the rest of leasing office staff were very helpful and diligent in finding us an apartment and helping us move in. The complex is still under construction but you barely hear any noise and we haven't had any problems here yet."
"Everyone is super nice and helpful! And the community is beautiful. Definitely a great starter place and walking distant to many places! Love it"
"Our family is very happy to be settled into this apartment. Great location and a brand new building. Wish my tire didn’t pick up a screw in the garage."
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