Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Moeller’s Bakery

Moeller's Bakery

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Moeller’s Bakery

If you want to treat your friend to a surprise birthday cake, but don’t want to end up in a “Nailed-It!” meme thread on Instagram, you need Moeller’s Bakery. In their own words, “The recipes that are used in the bakery today are the same recipes Gus Moeller used in 1930 with no additives or preservatives added to any items. Moeller’s Bakery still even has the same pre-World War II oven that is used every day. The oven has rotating shelves that ensures all the items are baked evenly. We have been incredibly fortunate at Moeller’s Bakery to have wonderful and dedicated employees. Of our current 15 employees they total 224 years of experience which is an average of 15 years per person. We are very proud to continue the Moeller’s Bakery legacy with our family and that includes our bakery family as well.” Satisfy your need for baked goods. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Moeller’s Bakery near Alexan Southside Place luxury apartment homes in Southside Place Houston.

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