Try Takeout from Moeller’s Bakery

fall colored petit flours

You deserve to treat yourself. Try takeout from Moeller’s Bakery and enjoy yourself in a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Southside Place. Discover what Houston luxury feels like right here. Pick your favorite floorplan and wrap yourself in luxury apartment features you will love. Take back your downtime and make relaxation a part of every day. With relaxing community amenities and tasty local restaurants, you never have to travel far for fun. What do you need to relax? Spend every hour unwinding right here. The lifestyle you crave is waiting for you.

Try Takeout from Moeller’s Bakery

When you need a tasty treat, try takeout from Moeller’s Bakery. In their own words, “The family tradition continues as D.W. and Theresa Moeller’s son, Eric, helps to maintain the bakery as the fixer of all things including making custom parts to keep the 80-year-old oven in tip-top shape, and Miss Carol’s son, James, oversees the baking operations as he was taught by D.W. Moeller when he was a teenager. We are very proud to continue the Moeller’s Bakery legacy with our family and that includes our bakery family as well.” What will be your first taste of Moeller’s Bakery?

Try takeout from Moeller’s Bakery when you live at Alexan Southside Place, luxury apartment homes in Houston, Texas. Start living well today!

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